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HIATUS is a small school where you can learn, in a friendly ambiance, French as a Foreign Language (Français Langue Etrangère) -or English. The school is based in the South of Brittany, in a very nice and touristic city called Saint-Lyphard, in Loire Atlantique (Bretagne sud) not far away from the beach.

Within Hiatus, there are French or English courses


  • for young or mature students who want to attend "refresher courses" in French (writing, spelling and grammar), for foreign students who want to learn French as a Foreign Language or for people who want to improve and brush up their English level,  whatever in one-to-one class or in small groups.


  • for pupils or students who live in la Presqu'île guérandaise and who need help in their studies, in French or in English.




Within Hiatus, there is the possibility to know a language immersion in Français Langue Etrangère (FLE) for a couple of weeks, several months or even a whole year.


Hiatus's aim is to teach le français in a friendly way and to help people to discover our gorgeous area. Accomodation can be found for the students they want to. Some partnerships have already been signed with owners who have got houses or flats to rent.


​​Ideal for focused study - calm & peaceful atsmosphere, location close to the beach

We are in a quiet and safe area between the sea, the salt marshes and the Brière marshes, making us an ideal place for relaxed, focused study. Our homestays are conveniently located close to the school. It only takes 1 hour to reach Nantes's city centre by train from La Baule, You can reach Paris from Nantes by TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse). Paris is only 3 hours by TGV.



Our mission is to make students feel more confident and to help them to  "take the plunge" even if they make mistakes because speaking or writing in a foreign language should not be a barrier.


Do you want to prepare a French exam, such as DELF or DALF?

-> DELF - Diplôme d'études en langue française

-> DALF - Diplôme approfondi de langue française

DELF & DALF are international French proficiency exams supervised by the French Ministry of Education and conducted in France only. The exam is made up of 4 parts:

- listening comprehension,

- reading comprehension,

- writing skills,

- communication skills.

The language exam has 6 levels (DELF A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2) which corresponds to the 6 proficiency levels of the framework of reference determined by the Council of Europe.

After passing a DALF C1 or DALF C2 exa, non-francophone students who whish to study in a French university are exempt from taking the language test.



Hiatus a latin word.


This is the action to open the mouth.

In French, when 2 vowels are side by side, they cause the obligation to let the mouth open.


Strictly speaking, the meaning of HIATUS means  an interruption, a discontinuity. Its synonym in a figurated sense is "shortcoming".


It is no coincidence if this name has been chosen by Line because HIATUS is the place where mistakes and shortcomings are accepted to be able to improve and enhance the language that students are learning at school.


We are very proud of our friendliness, our warmth of welcome, ant the high levels of personal attention and support you can expect when you are here. Line is committed not only to helping you make progress with your studies, but also to enjoy a social and cultural experience in France, in Saint-Lyphard.


We say "tu" to each other. People chat and tease each other as a mark of complicity, loyalty and, of course, trust. It creates an air of good feeling and a friendly atmosphere where the fact of learning becomes more natural and easier.



- 6 levels

A1. A2. B1. B2. C1. C2


- Préparation au TOEIC


- Différents manuels utilisés

divers supports créés


- Projets pédagogiques à mener


- Travail personnel à fournir

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Hiatus n° SIRET : 815 279 096 00011 | Code APE : 8559B | TVA non applicable, article 293B du CGI |

Déclaration d'activité enregistrée sous le numéro 52440788644 après du préfet de région de PAYS-DE-LA-LOIRE.




206 Kertrait

44410 Saint-Lyphard

06 58 07 77 31